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Area of Treatment

With more than 15 years of commitment to combating Rare Diseases, AOP Orphan focuses on therapies in the fields of hematology & oncology, cardiology & pulmonology and neurology & psychiatry as well as genetic disorders.


The medical field of hematology is concerned with both benign and malignant forms of blood diseases, while the field of oncology is concerned with cancer.

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Cardiology & Pulmonology

The medical field of cardiology focuses on the research and the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The field includes any type of disease that is heart-related or that disrupts the normal heart rhythm. Cardiovascular diseases are characterized by high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia or stroke.

The medical field of pulmonology, which includes pulmonary arterial hypertension, specializes in lung diseases.

Furthermore, AOP Orphan is active in the field of intensive care medicine and infectiology, because infections and intensive care therapies play a major role in connection with Cardiology & Pulmonology:

In most countries, intensive care medicine is an interdisciplinary sub-area of medicine. The original focus of intensive care medicine was on treating life-threatening conditions brought on by the failure of individual organs. Rapid advances in medical technology have since transformed this into a highly specialized field dealing with the treatment of complex life-threatening conditions – up to and including multiple organ failure.

The field of anesthesiology comprises general and local anesthesia, including treatment before and after, as well as maintaining vital functions during surgical procedures (excerpt from the Austrian training regulations).


The specialist field of medical infectiology is concerned with the diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and prevention of infections.

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Neurology & Metabolic Disorders


The medical field of neurology specializes in diseases of the nervous system and of the muscles. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Pediatric neurology is a special area in pediatrics dealing with diseases and disorders of the nervous and muscular system of children and adolescents.

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